Show me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy.


“Monsters are real. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” ― Stephen King

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visitante hits


"She wouldn't want us to fight"

"Do you remember none of that ?"

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#his legs

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My followers, are you here ? I will post the gifs soon. ;)

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Anonyme: "Ohh good answers :) Now where might I find your fanfics? Link me please"

In my computer. It's in French so I don't think that you will understand.

Summary :

"It's a girl and she is held by a villain. He asks her to manipulate Loki for an mission and kill him after. So she approaches him. She is sincerely in her mission. Determined. Loki doesn’t suspect anything. She talks with him. Loki is suspicious, but he’s lonely and of course interested. And they leave. He spends a lot of adventures on the road. So many feelings, of doubt for him, for her and events between both.”


You like ? :)


Interviewer : How would you describe yourself as boyfriend ?

Tom Hiddleston : “Very honest, I hope. God, I don’t know. I hope I’m fun, I hope I’m a good time. Spontaneous, surprising, affectionate ? I hope, kind. Dancing… a lot of dancing. I insist upon dancing. Anywhere. Anytime. The more dancing, the better.”

He’s so fucking drunk in that last GIF. 

Thank you, now I have even more strange ideas in the head.

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Anonyme: "1) if you could match Loki with any marvel female character of your choice who would it be? 2) Are you addicted to fanfic if so which would you recommend? 3) Do you prefer blonde Tom or raven haired Tom?"

I don't know for a marvel female but I see very well Loki with me.

And I write a fanfiction about this.

I prefer tom with black hair.

Anonyme: "1. Do you fangirl over something/someone else than Tom/Loki ? 2. Why are you so awesome ? 3. If you like to play video games, what was the last one you played ?"

> If you knew ... ;) I like Sebastian Stan as 'The Winter Soldier'


> I don't know, to you to tell me.


> I love videos games. The last one I played, It's : "Beyond Two Souls."

Anonyme: "1.) first fictional crush? 2.) if you could give (of course you could, it's the 21st century) a really ridiculous, i mean RIDICULOUS name to your unborn child, what would it be? 3.) where's your dream vacation?"

Sincerely, It's Loki Laufeyson.

Oh... as "Google". Sorry I just understand the question.

I would like to go to Italy.